Your Friend with Multiple Benefits: Why You Should Take A Tip & Take A Dip Into A Healing Salt Bath

 It's gotten a bad rap, blamed for bloating,
high blood pressure and more.
But it's an essential mineral, as are the many
trace minerals within natural salt.
The processing of salt in the lab, and it's
overuse that are the real culprits
for the issues we now have with salt-
Sodium chloride is a 'dead' salt 
with no nutritive value and even in small amounts
 can have negative after-effects on the body. 

But natural sea and mineral salts are different,
and when used properly,
can be very healing instead of harming, 
whether ingested or tras-dermal transfer.
One of the easiest ways is 
soaking in mineral salt baths,
 both natural springs and manmade!
It's been done for centuries, and with good reason.
Find out the many varied healing benefits of the earth's only edible mineral.
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 till next time...
live beautifully! 


 (additional info provided by Isabella Samovsky 
via Natural Ingredient Resource Center)