ORGANIC LIFESTYLE: Welcome Summer & Your Guests In Style; 10 Summertime Celebration Cocktails | via Bubbyand

Blood Orange Margherita

We took a visit to our friends at Bubby and Bean blog, 
and found that they were also eager for Summer to start.
 Seems they have it all planned out... 
 or at least the important parts!

Do yourself a favor - click through to
Otherwise, you'll miss out on seeing all 10 
of these beautifully photgraphed delights,
and most especially, ...
Citrus Sangria
you'd miss out on getting the links to the
recipes on how to put them together!

GO ORGANIC TIP: From the fresh fruits to
the bottled liquors, any portion, or even the entire
ingredient list for these fun drinks can be made
using certified organic ingredients!
And almost all of these can easily 
be made into Virgin Cocktails, so you can
delicious options without the alcohol. 
Something to keep in mind when doing 
your celebratory party shopping...

 May you have many an inspired, and very happy,
 summertime get-togethers!
Enjoy (responsibly!) 

And, as always,
live beautifully!