BODY AND SPIRIT: Drop Stress, Drop Weight and Get Healthy and Happy - 5 Reasons To Get Up, Get Out and Get Walking!

More and more Americans are obese, over 1/3 of all adults, 
according to the CDC. And by now, whether we are doing 
something about it or not, we all know that being
overweight and not getting enough 
exercise is damaging to our health and our quality of life.

There is a simple solution: walking!
Our bodies are meant to move,
and walking is our most natural movement.
Along with an improved diet, if you start a walking regime,
you'll feel the beautiful benefits in a very short time.

Here's my list of 5 reasons to walk,
and the benefits you'll experience when you do:

1. Walking - Your Free Instant Mood Elevator
Walking can help alleviate stress and boost your mood
in as little as 20 minutes. Take your walk outside,
(even in a virtual natural setting) and the benefits increase.
You can use walking time as a 'walking meditation'
which will help lower your blood pressure, elevate your mood
and improve your attitude and ability to cope with daily issues that arise
Make 'Walking Time' your personal 'Happy Hour"!
2. Walking Aids Your Digestion and Blood Sugar Levels
Walking after a meal can a. help stop you from going for those
second helpings you don't need to eat, b. works to get your
digestive system going at an optimal level, and
walking after eating can help reduce blood-sugar spike after eating.
(seeThe New York Times article)

Use proper form when walking to
avoid strain or injury and increase the body benefits

3. Walking Builds Your Bones

You may know that regular walking (no strolling!)
at a good pace (outside, in place or on a treadmill)
strengthens and stretches your legs and core muscles,
but did you know it also strengthens your bones - 
better than biking, swimming or elliptical training?
It also causes much less damage to your
knees, spine and ankles than running or jumping.
4. Walking  Is Therapeutic and Recuperative
Walking's low-impact and stretching movements
make it the perfect movement for
for workout
recuperation from intense or strenuous workouts
and for cool downs.
Going for a walk strengthens your
feet, back, knees and hips. Long, brisk walks can help
boost your endurance. And a good up-tempo
walk is perfect to recover from being upset,
from stress episodes in your life, and again,
the benefits increase if you walk outside in nature or a park,

and/or walk in the company of friends or family.

5. Walking Can Help You Lose Extra Weight
If you have extra pounds you want to lose, look to walking,
for a minimum of 20 minutes a day, up to 1 hour.
The cardio, stress-relieving, stretching, meditative
and rhythmic movements of walking are a wonderful way
to 'de-tox' both mentally and physically,
and bring enough calorie-burning oomph to
your system to give it the signal to burn some fat. 
So who wouldn't want that? 

Now... who's up for a walk? ;-)

 till next time...
live beautifully,

by Stephanie Gale (based an article by Zack Zeigler for BeachBody)
nowned celebrity trainer, Kristin McGee,
Renowned celebrity trainer, Kristin McGee,