LIFESTYLE | TRAVEL: Trip Tips for the Savvy Traveler | How To Indulge Your Wanderlust in Mindful Style

(photo via Lux & Eco / True Luxury Life)

After delays this week, I'm playing catch-up.
But things work out:
I've found posts
on one of our favorite things...

I've got two sweet posts for you. 
Each includes helpful tips
to keep in mind while traveling,
to get the most enjoyment from your trip, 
and to look and feel your best
while indulging your wanderlust.

Lianna inside the Uffizzi Gallery, Florence, Italy

Lianna Shen of Fairejour,
as she and her traveling companion
explore Italy and Switzerland's famous musuems.
She shares their savvy trip tips with you.
Join them on their travels >

~   ~   ~

 ~   ~   ~
Ever wished you could come home
from vacation and not have to 
deal with losing the extra pounds
you gained while away?
(...or am I the only one??)

 Sarah Anne Stewart, out and about...
Meet Holistic Health Practitioner (AADP) and Writer Sarah Anne Stewart,
who wrote the recent travel post at True Luxury Life blog.
She offers you some simple, mindful, yet effective, tips on
how to you can stay slim and sexy, no matter where you roam!
Take heed, and you'll return home relaxed, svelt and sexy.
 Be smart like Lianna; don't forget to pack your scarf!

Most especially, as Lianna says,
enjoy yourself
and have safe journeys!

live (and travel) beautifully,