How To Add Feng Shui Into Your Life For More Energy and Happiness | Sacred Space + Art Of Placement

What if rejuvenating your life 
was as simple as moving a few things around?

If you've ever gone into a room and suddenly
felt like you wanted to leave because it felt stifling,
or conversely, wanted to sit and stay in a place
because it felt so energizing, welcoming and 'happy',
then you very likely were feeling the invisible earth energy that is
the basis of the ancient Eastern practice known as Feng Shui.

"Welcome your brand new day by greeting the first hour
doing exactly what inspires, blesses and adjusts your energy
for vitality, wonder and happiness.
Maybe that’s meditation, movement, journaling,
aromatherapy bathing, offerings at your altar,
walking in nature, dancing or chanting
-whatever it is for YOU.
End your day the same way, with the last hour before
you sleep filled with meaningful quiet."

~Gwynne Warner,

Certified Advanced Feng Shui Consultant

Feng Shui (pronounced Fung Shway) literally means “wind and water"
in Chinese, and for many, can seem a bit 'new age-gy.
But it's a practice that uses earth elements and
makes use of those 'hidden forces' (also known as 'chi' or life force)
within an environment to direct that energy
for the benefit and well being of its occupants.

 "We experience organic beauty and wellness when
pure, vibrating energy—also called chi, ki, prana, ruah -
can flow effortlessly through us and around us.
When this energy is disrupted, or blocked in any way,
inner and outer balance may be compromised,
and that is when mis- fortune, discomfort, or dis-ease may set in.
True well-being; wholeness in mind, body, spirit and environment -
exists when this life force energy is optimized,
creating the sacred space for balance, harmony, growth,
and success to flourish."

Jayme Barrett,
Feng Shui Consultant, Author


Feng Shui is often called 'the art of placement',
and it's practice has the effect of enhancing and
harmonizing energy flow within and around your surroundings,
simply by paying attention to how you arrange
your living and working environments.

"The home is to us, as roots are to a tree…the more balance it has,
the greater the potential for growth & longevity.
The stronger the roots, the more we can withstand.
Our foundations are the birth place of all other aspects of our lives -
and our homes are most often the platforms
upon which we build our lives."

~Leah Jade, Feng Shui Consultant, Author
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