MINDFUL LIFESTYLE | BODY & SPIRIT: 'The Power of Sound Therapy' via Michelle Phan

If you've followed by posts for at least a couple years, 
you may remember that I'm a big fan of Sound Therapy,
whether it be by utilizing your favorite music,
wave frequency recordings,
gorgeous crystal bowls or hand-hammered
Tibetan metal 'Singing Bowl' treatments.
I find 'Sound Baths' an unusual, yet amazingly effective,
method of restoring a sense of balance,
and a way of clearing unpleasant and
negative energies from my body and mind.

I recently found an article called "The Power of Sound Therapy"
from a seemingly unlikely source; Michelle Phan,
make-up, fashion & lifestyle blogger (turned superstar)
...but turns out that she also is a big fan,
 due to her own positive personal experience with it.

So here's some info to get a little help for holiday stress,
or just a boost to help improve your overall well-being!

 Sound Therapist with bowl and mallet

"Our busy lives can often get the best of us. An overloaded life, with little time for rest or reflection, causes imbalance and can lead to a range of unexpected physical and mental problems. But balance isn’t just about taking time to unwind, I find it’s also about using various tools to optimize the impact of those breaks. One way to do this is by incorporating music into your meditations or by using it to center yourself – creating your own sound therapy session.
We already know that music can affect our mood, but did you know that certain sounds and frequencies can relieve issues like insomnia, anxiety, stress, and some immune problems? Sound therapy can actually..."

SIDENOTE: If you are in the Los Angeles area, 
and are interested in this kind of treatment, 
contact me to be introduced 
to my amazing, compassionate healing practitioner.

live beautifully,