LIFESTYLE: 10 Romantic Things To Do In Wine Country For Valentine's Day via Adrienne at 'The Rich Life On A Budget' Blog

While looking for subjects that combined
'fashion bloggers' that I like along with what they
might enjoy doing for Valentine's Day, I came across one
post by a favorite blogger of mine, 
the lovely and charming Adrienne Shubin of
'The Rich Life on a Budget' blog.

She writes from Wine Country in Northern California about the
things we love; wine, fashion, travel, and living well!
This post is a reblog of her wonderful
"10 Romantic Things To Do In Wine Country".
I've shared just a few of the many
lovely suggestions she has for you...

"Lush and green and full of flowers and birds and bees,
it’s also quiet. Most of the time when we visit,
we are the only people there. It’s perfect..."

"Few things are more romantic than watching
the sun set over the ocean with the one you love."
(Find out where Adrienne and her husband love to catch it.)

"Pretend you’re with your lover in Paris, enjoying a glass
of Bordeaux, or enjoy a delicious lunch on the outdoor patio."
(find out where this Parisian-style bistro is hiding)

Even if you can't get to these particular spots, 
I hope her suggestions inspire you to find
the special little places near you,
so you can also enjoy a romantic time
on Valentine's Day, or any weekend!

To catch all the beautiful, romantic locales,
visit her blog and get inspired!

As always...
live beautifully,