Why You Should Buy Organically Grown Fabric Clothing | Donna Karan + Sadhguru Talk


  When picking out a new top, the latest dress, your scarf
or that cool jacket or jeans, the style and fit
are the obvious points we'd focus on before buying.
Cost is another. But it's now
quite important to also ask also
how? where? - and from what materials - is this clothing made?

This is not only an important question to ask yourself,
but with the misleading marketing from bio-tech corporations
for GMO seeds, or the push of big oil encouraging the
fashion industry to create and use more petroleum-based
polyester fiber, it has become an urgent one.
We know about the health benefits of buying organic food,
the safety and health benefits of using organic cleaning products
but besides the beauty and natural (non-chemically treated) softness
of it, what are the benefits of using organic materials in
fashion, accessories, utility fabrics and apparel?

  If you are one who cares about what goes into and onto
your body, loves the earth, loves animals and are concerned
with the welfare of others as well -  take note: wearing and using
organic fabrics has a major positive impact on
your health and the health of our planet.
It matters.

Promoting organically grown food and fibers
is something I'm passionate about. I enjoy informing and,
if possible, helping create positive change in your life,
but I try doing it in a way that works for you and your lifestyle.


Today I'm sharing a post and video that will be the first in a series
on why we should transition to organic and natural fibers
in apparel and accessories. The subject is quite complex,
and there are no simple answers, and I believe there needs to be balance.
But try to look for organic cotton, silk/organic silk/ahimsa(vegan)silk,
hemp and organic hemp fabrics, as much as you feel you can.
It will benefit you, your family's and
the earth's well-being.

Yogi, Spiritual Leader, Humanitarian Sadhguru of
Isha Foundation speaks on
why you should seek organic fabrics.
The post includes a video where he discusses
seeking balance
 between tradition and future change, with
Designer-turned-Yogi Donna Karan (Founder of DKNY & Urban Zen)
He speaks of the ways in which balance in possible.

Tell me your thoughts; Do you believe
it's important to use organically grown textiles?
Why ... or why not?

live beautifully,