Beau Monde Organics In The House! MODA 360's Fashion Revolution Hits LA! via Bel Esprit / Eco Fashion World /The New Mart

MODA 360:LA - The Trailer from MODA 360 on Vimeo.
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So very excited to announce this wonderful upcoming event!

Los Angeles Design Artist Stephanie Gale, (yes, that's me!) will
showcase the dramatically gorgeous organic scarves of my
company, Beau Monde Organics, to illuminate the space 
of Runway Fashion Show where MODA 360 
makes it's debut in the City of Angels!
It's next weekend, April 24 and 25, 2015 
at The New Mart, in downtown LA Fashion District.

Thrilled to be here, in the company of many amazing creative
  eco-conscious and ethical designers, 
and also a very special Celebrity Stylist, Melissa Laskin,
who also will be showing her own line, elvislaskin.
(sweetly named after cat, who is her friend and muse)

Runway participants were selected from
the 'Ethical Fashion Challenge', 
sponsored by Eco Fashion World.
Press and Retail interested in attending should
contact MODA 360.
Interested but can't make it?
Check out the list of participating
international eco designers and brands.

As ever, I encourage you to
live mindfully, live in eco-style,
live compassionately and 
Live beautifully!