Beau Monde Organics Shows at Debut of MODA 360 Intl.; Ethical, Sustainable Fashion in Los Angeles

 Beau Monde Organics 'Blooming Flower' scarf display table

As designer and owner at Beau Monde Organics, I was thrilled to be
part of the debut of an eco-conscious, sustainable
and ethical fashion show in an eco-friendly Showroom in Los Angeles.
The show was a creative mix of art, music and photography
with fashion, jewelry and accessories from designers around the world.

 MODA 360: Creating a Complete Revolution in Fashion
 If you missed seeing out Video Trailer for the show we recently
participated in, you can see it here.

Beau Monde Organics' panel display, with my wrap scarves as wall hangings.
Stylist Melissa Laskin and ass't. Karmel
prepping a mannequin 
with her painted Elvislaskin line.

It ran April 24 and 25, 2015, and began with an evening Open House.
The Open House was an exciting opportunity for attendees to
peruse the lines and meet face-to-face with the designers.

 Opening night: Beau Monde Organics showcase display

Show Day!  Beau Monde Organics Display at left,  
Melissa Laskin's 'Elvislaskin' pieces to right

  The Fashion Runway stage ready...

Short video of the round-up walk
of one of the four Runway Shows
featuring eco-friendly lines, 

all styled by Melissa Laskin. 

(If video not displaying, click here

Filmed by Mashelle at TalkDesignStudio, with her
amazing prism glass jewelry
paired with MonAmour Line

 Thank You!
  Thanks to all who worked to make the show a success.
Sincere thanks to Deb Pokallus of Bel Esprit Showroom for 
all her hard work to pull together and direct an amazing cool show!
Bel Esprit's mission is to promote "fashion with a conscience."
 All love and big hugs out to Magaly Fuentes-Sagan,
Owner of Eco Fashion World, sponsor of the contest
that culled the designers in the show, (and for the BMO recommendation)
Big thanks to Melissa Laskin, Artist and Celebrity Stylist,
for the generous sharing of her talents.
And lastly (but not least-ly!) thanks to The New Mart,
for their gracious assistance of the entire staff and the beautiful space!

The New Mart  at the New Mart Building, with its cutting edge showrooms,
is a desination venue for wholesale fashion buyers worldwide.
Also a registered historical landmark of Los Angeles, it has over 100 showrooms
representing a thousand top fashion and accessory lines.