Planting Trees: Supporting and The Growth Of A Sustainable Future

I love that there will be a tree planted for me... much in return for so little!
The thought that I helped a new tree to grow
 into the world, into the future, makes me so happy.

You have the same opportunity available,
but only for a short time! You, too, can help
the best eco/ethical/sustainable
fashion directory to grow.
For the price of a cup of your favorite latte,
you can help connect more eco, organic,
sustainable, ethical and fair trade brands
with those who are seeking alternatives to big box stores.

You do this by donating to
Eco Fashion World's IndieGoGo Campaign. 
When you do, it means you're supporting positive change 
of the fashion industry, you're supporting independent 
designers and businesses internationally, 
and you're supporting independent and organic farmers, too. 
And you're also keeping pollution out of the fashion chain, 
so your're supporting the health of the earth. 
See? So much for so little!

"Eco Fashion World", in the words of Abigail Doan,
Writer & Environmental Fiber Artist, 

"...has been a pioneering resource and a global initiative
for all the latest news in eco and ethical fashion."

They need their IndieGoGo campaign to be supported!

If you are an eco-conscious fashion consumer, 
sites like Eco Fashion World are often the only way you 
may hear about the brands you want buy from.
If you love my brand, Beau Monde Organics
they have supported and helped me grow my business,
which this past month reached its 5th year.

Will you support Eco Fashion World to keep going and growing?
If you do, you'll know that you had a hand in helping the
sustainability and slow fashion movement to grow stronger,
helped brands that create with earth-kind purpose, 
working in ways that benefit all, and
that you created more beautful #positivechange in the world.

Thank you,
 from the bottom of my
organic-fashion-loving heart!

live beautifully,