3 Ways To Hold On To Travel Bliss After Your Return

Coming home from a vacation can often feel like a letdown.
This time, lighten the transition with my simple tips
to keep your travel bliss lingering as long as possible.

1. Meditate and Appreciate

Take a moment in the morning, and throughout the day,
to meditate and breathe. Appreciate the beauty around you.
Practice grace. Have gratitude for small blessings,
favors and anything positive that comes your way.
Remember and feel the relaxing sensations you had
while vacationing, and be there for a few minutes
before continuing with your tasks for the day.

Bring that bliss along with you all day.

2. Add Those Little Touches That Make Everything 'Special'

Indulge, pamper and treat yourself (and your family )
in small but special, ways. Bring little artistic touches,
surprising embellishments and little extras to your day.
Use the same tricks hotels and restaurants do...
Prepare with flair, cook with fresh, healthy ingredients,
add special touches, such as flowers,
candles, scents and tiny treats. Emulate the spa,
restaurant and hotel experience at home and at work.
Use the pro tricks they do to make
the ordinary a bit more extraordinary!

So go ahead, add that lime slice and a little umbrella
to your morning smoothie glass!
3. Take Mini-Breaks

All it takes is 2-4 minutes to bring
a relaxation response to the body.
Sit for 2-3 minutes and look outside a window. 
Or, step outside for a quick walk or sit.
Think of good things and breathe deeply.
Take a 1 song music break. take a moment to stop and stretch.
Smell those flowers on your desk, (there because you followed #2 tips)
reflect on a soothing memory of your vacation.
Indulge in a spa bath at home.

Bring a relaxed attitude to your tasks,
so that things flow with a pleasant ease.
I think of these tips as a mental vacation I can take any time.
they're my ideas to help smooth post vacation transition, and
bring the fun of a vaca-stay to your day.

What are some of the ways you keep
post-travel blues from hitting you too hard?
Add your tips in the comments!

Be present; enjoy whatever you do.
It's just another way to
live beautifully.
stephanie- xo♥