Qi Gong - The New Old Way To Achieve True Body-Mind Balance

You surely have heard of yoga.
You may also have heard about Tai Chi.
But have you ever heard of Qi Gong?

Self-care is a key component
to a balanced lifestyle.
Many people love yoga and tai chi as a way to keep limber,
and to stay healthy and balanced in mind and body.
I'd love to introduce you to the amazing, gentle
benefits of the ancient healing practice of Qi Gong.
(also spelled Chi Gong, pronounced 'chee-gong')

I do "mainstream" workouts, with weights,
some equipment and I also do some
small amount of yoga every day.
But I've found I love to practice Qi Gong much more,
and include it because it
affects me in very different ways.

Does it really 'work'?
Personally, I've found Qi Gong to help in ways no other
practice 'works'; at a profoundly deep level.
While being great practice to produce a calming
effect as well as physical and mental healing.

If it works for you is for you to decide.
Qi Gong has been known to heal traumatic injuries,
keep aging at bay and help people gain strength, flexibility
and balance while aiding concentration and self-discipline.

Though there's not many Western studies
that have been done on it, but it's been
practiced in Eastern cultures for centuries.
Read this Wall Street Journal article to get an idea
of what the benefits of it can be.
Qi Gong is a simple, gentle,
slow-motion practice.
Sound interesting?

Click below to view to try a free Qi Gong session!
Guided by popular PBS instructor,
Qi Gong Master Lee Holden, it's a video
to give you with a quick-start Qi Gong session,
a 7 minute routine he calls 'Magic'.
Lee Holden Video - 7 Minutes of Qi Gong Magic >

If it feels good to you, keep going, try other videos, too,
as a continued practice gives the best overall benefits.
Try it for a while and give it a chance to see
how it feels to you, in your body.
The changes are usually subtle, but noticeable.

If you try it, do let me know
and share your experience with it.

live beautifully,