More: What does 'Organic Scarf' Really Mean? (and How It Could Make You Happier)

Follow up to my previous post on the differences of
Organic cotton versus Conventionally grown cotton.

We continue on the journey after the
raw cotton fiber is farmed and harvested.

Look behind the scenes to see how raw fiber
transforms into your favorite t-shirt, jeans or...
organic scarf!

Certified organic cotton voile scarf
The farmed raw cotton fiber bales go to
the spinning mills to be spun into threads,
so it can be then woven into fabric.
Organic versus conventional methods differ in
the spinning mill processes, too.

Organic cotton fiber being spun into threads at a modern mill.
After the spun cotton threads are made,
they are sent to fabric mills,
to be woven or knitted into cotton material.
The next step is for the fabrics to then go to
the apparel factory or tailor shops to be
cut & sewn into various cotton bedding, clothing
and accessory items that we all know and use.

OK, now: a Quiz for you...
Which of these 2 shirts is made from organic cotton?

(If you can't tell the difference, don't worry,
you wouldn't be the only one.)
You won't see or know the difference
by just looking at the fabric.
Which is why the FTC mandates apparel
be labeled for material and country of origin.

And it's why 'Certified Organic' is also very important.
and also JAS, NPOP, USCOEA, etc.)
(because not everyone is honest
and ethical about their labeling) 

The thing that's truly great about the certification,
is that it inspects throughout the entire process.

So Certified organic facilities also are checked
that they are not using forced or slave labor,
no child labor, and that workers are not in unsafe conditions.

The info-graphic below shows
another part of the cotton journey:
more of the many ways organic vs. conventional cotton fabrics diverge.

Kind of a no-brainer when you see it laid out, right?
And, in case you were wondering
about the answer to our little Quiz...

The organic shirt is the one on the top,
the one below it is of conventionally grown cotton.
The organic shirt cost only $3.00 more than the non-organic.

Which would you choose?
Write in the comments below and tell me:
which would you buy, and why.

peace, love and certified organic cotton,