6 Simple Ways To Be In An Autumn State Of Mind

I usually spend the month of October
still feeling sad that Summer is over. 

But with the past few days here in Los Angeles
hovering around 100 degrees, I'm getting
a treat and am enjoying every last bit
of Summertime warmth... in October!
But the heat won't last and I'm anticipating
the cooler weather's arrival. I always celebrate
the seasons, and love the crisp air
and colorful beauty of Fall.

To get in the spirit, here's 6 simple things I do to
welcome Fall and celebrate October. Hope you'll try
them, get inspired and get yourself into a Fall attitude.

Read through, then let me know:
What do you enjoy doing
to shift into an Autumn state of mind?

1. Get into your cozy Fall Fashion wear.

I've got my suede boots, cozy sweaters and
scarves ready for walks outdoors, Fall Foliage trips
and early holiday shopping outings.
Style your look like Cara Loren while in Cinque Terre, Italy.

2. Spread pumpkins and harvest decor all around.

Create a seasonal shift by
bringing the outdoors inside.

3. Start Eating & Cooking Pumpkin ...Everything

Can you ever really have too much pumpkin pie,
pumpkin soup or pumpkin bread?
Try this vegan (or traditional)  Pumpkin Soup recipe.

. Change to an Autumn Palette in your living areas

Just a few Fall color touches can add a big impact.
Like these beautful organic pillows by Wabisabi.

5. Use scents, fragrance and aromatherapy

Spicy Fall Scents are very evocative and a
comforting way to 'Live in the Season'
at your home or office. Use scented candles,
diffusers or DIY, with these 10 Simmer Pot recipes.

6. Be sure to stop to play in the autumn leaves!

Notice the details and appreciate the
beauty of the changing seasons.


positive change & autumn love,