How To Choose Chocolates for Valentine's Day - And Every Day - To Help Stop Child Labor

Over 58 million pounds of chocolate
will be purchased for Valentine's Day
in the United States alone.
That - is a lot of chocolate.
But the sad truth is...

some of what were once my favorite
chocolate companies, belong to the
group of companies that have not
yet made the switch away
from the ironic tragedy
behind our beloved chocolates.

Chocolate-making at Portland-based Theo Chocolate

That's a lot of chocolate.
But, far across the world,
farmers, workers and tragically,
also children, live on less than $1 per day,
working - and sometimes literally slaving - 
to grow and harvest cocoa beans
to make your Valentine chocolates.
Many also are not organically grown, exposing
them to chemical fertilizers and pesticides.
More dangerous, are the grueling conditions,
where children work with machetes and
are beaten if they try to rest or slow down.
This is not a made-up fairy tale, but a
real life horror story for over 55 million children.
Learn more on the issue of cocoa
and child labor via Food Is Power.

You can help keep the love of chocolate,
by making informed purchases,
for chocolate, and other commodities that
originate outside of the United States. 

So my 'favorite chocolates' have changed.
But I enjoy it even more, knowing it's
better all around; for farmers, workers
and the environment. And especially,
that it did not come to me at the
expense of someone else's childhood.
Lucky for you, it's as easy as switching the brand
you choose to buy, with a list to choose from.
And if even that's too much like work, just buy from
my top 3 new favorite chocolate companies.
Shop my Top 3 Favorite Chocolate Companies...
They may become your 'new' favorites, too;
let me know!
Alter Eco's heavenly chocolate truffles

Alter Eco
Intriguing bars and truffles.

Theo Chocolate 
Amazing flavor bars and delightful specialties.

Lulu's Chocolate
Raw, vegan, organic, wonderfully delicious.
And here's 2 lists of chocolate companies
to buy from...
and which to switch from or avoid altogether:

Vegan/Organic Brands list
Organic/FT/grading list
Let me know your thoughts on this topic,
and what your favorite chocolates are...
or used to be, with your new favorites!

Lulu's USA-Made, Raw, Vegan Organic Love Truffles; does it get any better than this?

Wishing you a beautiful, romantic,
St. Valentine's Day!

Live #beaumondebeautiful!