These 6 Refreshing Herbal Fruit Summer Cocktails and Waters Will Make Your Party

So sad to be coming
to the end of Summer,
but looking forward to the
upcoming Labor Day celebrations...
...even if I'll be busy working through most of it.
(have I told you how much I love Summer?!)

Whether you're planning a big bash,
or a quiet retreat as your celebration,
I know I always feel more festive and
enjoy my time off more when I make
some special cocktails and spa waters
to serve and keep on hand
through the long weekend.

Thought you might want to try them, too.
And after extensive research,
(tough work, but someone has to do it!)
I've compiled my 6 favs, chosen for
being able to make them with ease,
be enjoyed by many and
not only being super tasty and refreshing,
but actually being good for you.
(Whether you have health-conscious
foodies or junk-food revelers
at your parties, you can choose
to brag about that or keep it a secret.)

Hope you enjoy them with family
and friends this weekend,
and any time you want to add festive,
refreshing and nourishing drinks.

Happy Labor Day
to all in the U. S. of A.!

I've split the recipes into 2 groups:
with and without alcohol,
(with some crossover).
Click to visit the creator's
blog link to nab the recipes.

~ ~ ~

My 3 Top Picks for Herbal/Fruited
Spa-Waters (Non-Alcoholic)
Thyme, Basil and Lemon Spa Water-recipe-by-blog-beau-monde
Thyme, Basil, Meyer Lemon Spa Water

No click-through for this one - it's my own and
I've included the simple recipe for you below.
Created after expermenting for a twist
on a standard Gin and Tonic cocktail recipe.
(so try this as a cocktail, too, with 1 shot gin or vodka added)
It's easier if you have fresh herbs and specialty produce
at your grocery (or if you grow them, as I do.)
(For any of these you can use filtered
water, spring water or sparkling spring
water in the infusion)
Mix 2-4 sprigs of fresh thyme and 2-4 leafy sprigs
of sweet basil leaves in a pitcher and
muddle with a wooden spoon.
Add the juice of 1/2 - 1 Meyer lemon.
(regular lemon can also work,
but you may then want to add
1 tsp. of stevia powder to sweeten a bit.)
Add spring water or sparkling water and ice
(or kick it up a bit and use herbed ice) and mix.
Serve chilled in tall glasses,
garnish with a lemon slice.

Pink Raspberry Lemonde-via-blog-beau-monde

(No-Sugar, No-Guilt) Raspberry Pink Lemonade

A healthier way to make lemonade, without the
sugar, corn syrup, or chemical mixes.
This one uses stevia, lemons and raspberries.
It’s sweet, tangy refreshing and
so festive looking at your barbecue party.
Find the recipe courtesy of EatLoveandBeHealthy
Lemon-Mint Cold-Brewed-Matcha-via blog-beau-monde
Cold Brew Matcha
If you need of a little kick of energy, but iced coffee
has too much caffeine for you, then this
cold brew matcha drink should hit the mark.
Here's a recipe for a favorite combo,
with lemon, lime, mint and maple syrup.
(you could also use stevia to knock out the sugar)
Get this recipe from Thirteen Thoughts.

~ ~ ~
My 3 Picks for Herbal / Fruited
Alcoholic Cocktails
Plum + Thyme Prosecco Smash

A beautiful drink that does equally well
served at a brunch or an evening outdoor dinner.
and also can be made as a soft or hard cocktail.
This comes courtesy of My Diary Of Us.

Watermelon Lemonade Cocktail

Seriously , what screams "summertime"
better than watermelon? or lemonade?
And how about watermelon AND lemonade?!
This cocktail is the essence of summer, and with the
fresh squeezed lemons and blended
fresh watermelon, it's also a healthy refresher.
Especially so when hit with your favorite vodka. ;-)
Get this delightful recipe from Sugar and Charm
Cucumber + Rosemary in Vodka

Love this elegant drink, and how it's simple
ingredients and refreshingly dry taste mix so well
with the unique flavors of cucumber and rosemary.
A special treat.
You'll find the recipe, along with
their makers, poolside, at Urban Mommies.


Which one of these lovely treats
are you dying to try? Do tell!
Hope you enjoy a safe and beautiful
weekend, where ever you'll be.

till next time,