The Countdown Begins: The Launch Of Our ReDesigned Website!

Yikes! 2 months since my last post.

That's the longest I've ever gone since I started it over 6 years ago.

I apologize for the radio silence.  But I had a bad case of VBP.
(Very Busy Person). Yep. it's a thing. I'd taken on multiple major projects all at the same  time. I got so busy, that some things fell to the wayside, lying lonely in a ditch till I could make it back. Now, I'm here to pick up again.
With that,  I'm announcing my new collection. But you won't be able to see it, except for more than some sneak peeks, (like the one above) until one more thing happens. The task I jumped into, the ones I'd been putting off for quite a while, and the task I've been buried in for months. (
a major cause of the VBP syndrome!) From my studio trenches, I've been working on all the intensive detailed work involved in building a website. In this case, it's a Re-Design, where my older, existing website will be closed and the Re-designed site will take it's place.

But I'll soon be happily revealing my brand-spanking-new, bright & shiny Re-Designed Website. Fair payback for the VBP.
It'll have all the latest bells and whistles (though they'll be quiet ones), it will be fully responsive, (for all you who love your mobiles, i-pads and tablets) And I hope you'll think it's beautiful. All to make your organic scarf and accessories shopping an easy, fun and enjoyable experience.

(Because - don't forget; I'm not a blogger, I'm a artist and designer who has a blog. I use this blog to share and promote my art and my art-based  products, and also to promote the eco conscious, organic mindful living that inspired this blog. And through it, I try to inspire you to create positive change in your life, and in the lives of others.

Beau Monde Organics will be celebrating the Re-Design Launch with special treats & fab  goodies, but... of course - the best treats will be reserved for those on our list community,
so make sure that's you! Sign up now to get in on the previews, first access and best goodies! Go to and use the Sign-up box (on left side) or wait a bit, and you can use pop-up box to sign up with us. Our existing site is still live & kicking, so while you're there, shop for gifts of beautiful organic art scarves, made here in LA. All orders get Free shipping, and if you enter code 'SCARFJOY' at checkout, you get 30% off your order, too! Woo-hoo!

More details, along with design previews, coming soon. Follow along on your fav social platform too, I'd love to see you there!

peace, love and (organic chocolate) kisses!


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