3 Basic Reasons Why You Should Switch To Organic Clothing, Food + Home

Everything, from your morning coffee, to the
bed sheets you slip into at the end of the night,
is an opportunity.

Every day we have hundreds of choices to make;
on what we buy, eat, wear and what we use
to cleanse our clothes and our bodies.

In each case, there is an opportunity to think of not only
of what we want to accomplish, or how much it costs,
but also to consider how it affects the earth
when making our daily choices.

I'd like to suggest you consider, that in every case,
to make an organic choice for all of them.
From eating, cleaning and dressing our bodies
to cleansing, decorating and living in our homes -
select items that are organic or are created with
organically grown ingredients.
Choose Certified Organic by
either the USDA, or better yet,
a trusted independent certification party.

Why would I say that?
There are actually many reasons to do so,
but here are 3 simple, overall reasons
to choose to buy and use
organically grown items in
all you do in your life.


Because every organic prodcut is so well produced,
even if you buy just 1 organic product out of 10,
it offsets and helps heal many of the things
damaging our planet, environment and health.
(infographic and more via The Organic Center )


Organic famers use no pesticides, but many kinds
of natural pest enemies and deterrents.
Chemical pesticides are one of the most noxious,
dangerous and damaging part of modern commercial
agriculture.They not only kill the pests, but also beneficial bugs,
and make farmers, workers and comsumers ill from the toxic,
often carcinogenic nature of pesticides. They also poison
the soil, the ground water and waterways,lakes and oceans.
Organic farming has none of these destructive effects,
but instead works in concert with nature
to maintain a healthy, balanced environment.
(Infographic and more via The Swatchbook )


When you buy organic apparel, accessories and utility items
and eat organically grown food and produce, you are not ingesting
and are not supporting GMO products.
GE/GM/GMO are not allowed in Certified Organic items.
(infographic and more via Organic Trade Association)

Hope this helps you have a greater awareness
of the not-so-beautiful side of toxic, non-eco,
non-organic realities of your daily modern life.

Are you trying to make the shift towards a
less toxic, more organic and mindful lifestyle?
Share your #postivechange with me, I'd love to
hear about your choices, and your struggles
or joys on going organic.

Hoping to help you
live more beautifully,
every day. 


(this post is and edit of my 3/15 original post)
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