How To Be Revolutionary: Support Sustainable Fashion

        - BE REVOLUTIONARY -  A Fashion Revolution Week Mission Message.
Don't get me wrong. We love fashion. We love the way it can make a statement about you, create lovely looks for you for all occasions and how very wonderful it can make you feel. But the thought of some things don't feel quite so wonderful.
And this message is because just as there are companies that manufacture energy from the earth and choose to cheat on the environment and humans to increase their profits, there are also fashion companies that do the same. In fact, the fashion industry is second only to the fossil fuel industries when it comes to global pollution.

And they also have become notorious for human rights and labor violations.

This is our message for Earth Month. And we want to impress that it really
is a set of ideas that really must be thought about every day, not just on April 22.

Today is the anniversary of the Rana Plaza diaster of 2013 in a Bangladesh
clothing sweatshop that collapsed and killed over 1,300 people.And knowing
that clothes you bought were the reason for suffering in the lives of others,
even though indirectly, is not a great feeling for any of us.

Those that were working inside were making clothing for major worldwide
brands such as  Forever21, Urban Outfitters, Walmart, Primark, and Armani,
who still remain closed and opaque in their business practices.
But to start change, we have to make a commitment; to a change in habits and
thoughts, to the places we shop, which brands we buy from and which particular products we choose. When it seems sometimes to be increasingly difficult to change long-held habits and beliefs, making a bold shift in your life is not really so hard, it just takes being mindful, and making the decision. It's really that  simple to create positive change.

It's a simple way to create positive change and to 'Be Revolutionary'.

READ: this request from a Rana Plaza Survivor to brands, to stress worker safety and transparency. Fashion should not make you feel guilty to buy or enjoy it. But if you continue to purchase from makers who are more concerned with profit above ethics, it's not always easy, for those with conscience. The fashion industry needs revolutionary change. For far too long, most of the global fashion industry has been: OPAQUE, instead of transparent, open and ethical; EXPLOITIVE, instead of appreciative and supportive of their employees;
DAMAGING, to both humans and the environment, instead of being ecologically safe, non-toxic and sustainable.

We don’t want clothing and accessories to come at the cost of humans, animals or the health of our planet. We want to change the world for the better, for our future, for our health and the keep our wondrous planet beautiful. You can Be Revolutionary, just by refusing to buy fast fashion and choosing to know how, where and by whom your clothing and accessories are made.

Maybe you'd like to make a change?
Where to start? Where do you find such brands and goods? Easy, check out my 3 favorite shopping platforms, for a start. And an entire directory is available at Eco Fashion World, with amazing brands of eco fashion and accessories, made by those who value the quality of life for all. Show them you support their committment with your buying power.
Go ahead. Be Revolutionary.



Creating positive change for a beautiful world,