Welcoming Solstice + Summer (and Releasing The Unwanted)

Welcome, Summer-sunset-over-beach-via blog-beau-monde

The Summer Solstice has long been a time for reflection, welcoming change and
letting go of things that are unwanted or no longer are of help or happiness.
While I'm not going to suggest you run outside and perform ancient pagan rituals,
(but you could do these simple ones, if you'd like) but I will suggest that you take
a moment to appreciate this longest day and the shift of the earth's cycles.


You don't need to sit outside build a flower mandala (although it might be nice)
for you to be able to just: stop - breathe - and take notice -
of this change and the turning of the days. Use this celebration of the
change of season to focus on what ever you'd like to change in yourself
or your life, as you enter into the last half of the year.

sunset over the Pacific, with Robert Adams quote: within you is the light-of-a-thousand-suns-quote-via-blog-beau-monde

And you don't need to light a ring of candles (although you could)
to be able to focus on the letting go of unneeded things you are merely
holding on to, but truly are no longer either serving you or making you happy.
Be they physical items, or more intangible elements in your life,
consciously make the choice to let them go or remove them.

As you do, you'll make space for fresh, beautiful energy
and you can
welcome good, new and helpful things into your life.

In whatever way you celebrate it,
I wish you a good last half of the year.

Happy Summer Season!

Happy Summer Solstice!