3 Can't Miss Pairings: Sleek Spots, Cool Cocktails, Chic Scarves

You know I love to have at least one (or 4) of blog post round-up of a collection

one of my favorite treats: Summer Cocktails. This year is no exception, but
thought I'd have some fun and change it up a bit. So this year, as an homage
to the soon to come end of Summer, I've curated 3 sets of pairings: putting
some sweet Summer style together with cool and cooling cocktails, and
each set within a fitting travel destination. Do join us!

Off we go!


LOCATION: LONDON, England:  The White Cross pub, Richmond district. Victorian pub with a terrace overlooking the Thames.
Trans-Lucent-Maui Sun
COCKTAIL: Pimm's Cup 

Whether it’s at an afternoon on a sunny terrace, or time with family and friends in your backyard, colorful, cheery prints will
brighten up the day. Be bright and beautiful in Beau Monde Organics soft organic sateen infinity scarves. So simple to style; you'll look great and feel beautifully comfortable all day. In single loop and as shown; the ‘Beau Monde’ double loop scarf. For a jolly good time, pair yours with a Pimm's Cup!

-2 oz Pimm's No. 1 Liquor
-3 oz  ginger ale (try Reed’s Ginger Brew, or a fresh homemade lemonade as well)
-1/2 small cucumber, cut into 2 long wedge slices
-1 thick orange slice, halved
-6 Mint leaves or 2 small sprigs
These are the necessary basic ingredients for this cocktail. Optional ingredients include:
-1 Strawberry, hulled and cut into quarters.
-1 Lemon slice
-1 lime slice Mix all ingredients into a tall/Highball glasses, top of with ice and have fun!

(photo by Dame Traveler)

LOCATION: MILANO, Italy: The famed Hotel Principe di Savoia, a place of welcoming luxury on the Piazza della Repubblica.
COCKTAIL: Campari Orange (aka: 'Garibaldi')
SCARF: 'Bloom-Morning Haze
If you’re out on the town, be sure to take along this stunning art scarf, blooming in a burst of petals, for a look of self-assured loveliness. A panel scarf with reversible solid color, for versatile styling looks. Enjoy it with a classic Italian cocktail - while at Hotel Principe di Savoia in Milano, or in your own home. Relax while taking in the the view of the Piazza, the sunset over a veranda or just sipping from your own comfy chaise lounge. Life is good. 

The eye catching color and bitter/sweet taste makes this cocktail unique. The ‘Campari Orange’ cocktail was originally named ‘Garibaldi’ - after the famed soldier who fought for Italy's unification into a indiependent country. Like Garibaldi, this drink connects the North and South of Italy: Campari from northern Milano with oranges from southern region of Calabria. (your oranges, however, may come from the southern regions of the United States) 😉
- 1 part (1⁄4 oz.) Campari
- 3 parts (top) Orange juice
Pour the ingredients into a tall glass filled with ice, Garnish with a slice of orange. 

(I personally like mine with 1 part sparkling seltzer water added in as well) 


LOS ANGELES, United States: At The Lobster at Santa Monica Pier, whether you're inside or out, dine while catching amazing views, like Santa Monica's palm trees under cotton candy clouds and the not-to-be-missed beauty of the Pacific ocean.
SCARF: 'Skyline-Dusk'
Rosè Spritzer 

The perfect pairing for your decompression date; sipping cocktails while watching the sun set over the ocean. You'll make for a gorgeous view yourself, in the 'Skyline-Dusk' art-print scarf. It's available in our Signature reversible and our Petite Wrap scarf styles. It also goes very well with strolling along The Strand, the paved pathway that takes you along the shoreline. Pair it with this light, cooling and very popular L.A. summer Spritzer.
Ingredients: 1 per each Old-fashioned or Rocks glass
-5 ounces dry rosé wine (flat or sparkling)
-1 fresh organic strawberry, sliced
-Fresh mint sprigs
-1 Lemon slice, halved
-Sparkling mineral water (Pellegrino) or plain seltzer
Place sliced strawberry and 1/2 lemon slice in the bottom of glass,
muddle with back of a spoon or a muddler just until lemon juices.
Fill glass 3/4 with ice, add rosé, top with sparkling water, if desired.
Garnish with fresh mint and the other 1/2 lemon slice (or other citrus of your choice)

Hope you've enjoyed taking a look at the fun, lively and beautiful places I've selected,
and perhaps you'll be inspired to try a new scarf look for yourself next time you go out.
At the very least - I hope you'll be sure to give at least one of these famous cocktail a try.


Do you have a special place you love to chill with your favorite drink, cocktail or wine?
Spill, and let me know about it!

Live beautifully, every day!