6 Reasons Why Working Out in Nature Is So Good For You | FitnessTrainer

Nailing your gym routine is great and all, but you may want to
think about moving it to the great outdoors occasionally.

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This great post was written by guest writer Erin Vaughan,
who loves yoga and running and being outside in nature.
Obviously, she knows how to live beautifully!
Hope you enjoy our post on why and how you can
boost the benefits of your workout by getting outside.

Outdoor exercise has additional advantages for your mental health,
energy levels and overall health—plus it’s pretty great on the old budget, too.
Here are some ways you can improve your
workout routine by taking it outside for a change!

The Mental Health Benefits Are Enormous
Exercise in any form is great for your mental health, but those
benefits are multiplied when you get active outdoors.
A study carried out by the Peninsula College of Medicine
and Dentistry looked at how exercising in the natural
environment compared to working out indoors.
Participants reported “greater feelings of revitalization,
increased energy and positive engagement, together with
decreases in tension, confusion, anger and depression,”
according to the study. But perhaps most importantly,
many people said that working out in nature made them feel
more likely to stick to their exercise program
a pretty significant finding, when you think about it!

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It Could Boost Your Productivity At Work
Working out before work or on your lunch break?
It could be great for your career! Study after study shows that focus
improves significantly after a short stint in the great outdoors.
Trying to move to a lunchtime workout routine?
Be sure to pack a healthy lunch to give you more time for your workout.
And trade out your low-impact cardio for high-intensity interval training,
which will allow you to burn more calories and
build more muscle with a shorter time commitment.

It Gives You Extra Energy
If you’re trying to kick your caffeine habit, you might want to think
about exercising outside instead. Research indicates that
a few minutes outdoors has the same impact on your energy levels
as a cup of coffee - without all the extra calories!
Think about that next time you feel like going for a Starbucks run.

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It Gets You Some Extra Vitamins
Good morning, sunshine! Among the unsung benefits of working out
outdoors is the chance to soak up some rays.
Your body needs sunlight to produce vitamin D3, which helps you
absorb nutrients like calcium and phosphorous,
as well assisting with vital immune system functions.
So slather on the sunscreen and take yourself
out for an extended outdoor run.

It Costs Less Than the Gym
Looking to shave some money off your monthly budget?
Try taking your run outside. Many trails and parks are free to visit
nd some urban parks even feature equipment like pullup bars and
sit up benches that you can incorporate into your workout.
And apps like RunKeeper and MapMyRun can help you find
and filter the best trails for your style of workout.

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Outdoor Running Changes Your Stride
If you regularly jog outdoors, it can affect your running routine
for the positive. Studies have found that runners flex their ankles more
when they run outside versus on treadmills,
which improves overall flexibility. Runners also have the opportunity
to practice running downhill, hard to do when you’re stuck in the gym!

So long boring workout routines! It’s time to think outside the gym!

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Erin Vaughan is a yoga fanatic, runner and sometime cyclist.
She currently resides in Austin, TX where she
writes for
FitnessTrainer.com, the leading online marketplace to find
a local personal trainer that can help you
achieve your health and wellness goals!