Be A Beginner Every Day (How To Expand Your Creativity + Consciousness)

"Be willing to be a beginner, every morning."
~Meister Eckhart

Consider each day as an opportunity;
open yourself to all possibilities, to
the freshness of discovery, and look forward
to the learning of wondrous new things.

We gain wisdom by knowing more each day.
In this way, we expand our consciousness and become
more fully human by each new experience.

I started my little boutique company,
Beau Monde Organics, with a mission;
one based on the values of honesty and ethics,
organic sustainability and American manufacturing
and to support environmental
and social justice in the world.

I worked to merge artistic beauty and creativity,
with an eco conscious mindset
and a soulful way of living.
That commitment created a sustainable style that,
I believe, fits authentically into your mindful life,
to enhance and adorn it.
I also strive to increase your awareness
of the important issues we all face.

My Beau Monde scarves are uniquely designed,
with nature and travel inspired art,
created with a
a zero-waste design, printed in a non-toxic, low-water,
heat-set process, with no
effluent going into our waterways.

For over 9 years, all my organic scarves
have been made in Los Angeles,
California, USA.
We create and manufacture
using methods that 'Do No Harm'
to humans, animals or our beautiful planet.

It's not always been easy to do.
But I do know it always was and will be
the right thing to do.

The discovery of the truth of things,
while often disheartening and difficult, is also
the way true and meaningful change can occur.
And it's all part of a more mindful life
and one of the many ways
live beautifully.

hope you'll join me.
And I want to thank those of you who have,
and express my appreciation
for your continued support of
what I do, and how I do it.

with peace, love + much gratitude,

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