Announcing JOYSILK X BEAU MONDE ORGANICS and The Synergy Collection

Announcing a new partnership...


A beautiful synergistic partnership with my fellow Scarf Artist, friend, Joy Light, of Joy Hand-Painted Silk, in an Exclusive Limited Edition collection of Beau Monde Organics scarves. Celebrating our 10 years of friendship and the 10th Anniversary of Beau Monde Organics!

The Love Story Between Two Brands

Joyflower and Beau Monde Organics have developed an amazing partnership over the years since they first met ,  through a scarf giveaway that Stephanie Gale, the design artist of Beau Monde Organics, participated in. Joy Light, another scarf design artist, of Joyflower/Joy Hand-Painted Silk won that giveaway, which was a Beau Monde organic cotton scarf, with an art print which intrigued and delighted her. She immediately fell in love with the art and told Stephanie how she was struck by the beauty of her designs. She also was impressed by her mission for organic and eco conscious living.
Stephanie likewise, was also was in awe of Joy’s
exquisite  silk scarves, with their stunning colors and the special silk painting techniques that she used.

It's been a great 10 year long journey for both, to navigate the world of scarves together, while supporting each other. Their love for hand made art printed scarves was one thing but their mutual passion to empower women all over the world sealed their partnership. And would you expect from a combo of two passionate scarf loving artistic women?  They continue to create beautiful, intriguing and unique designs!

This year is the 10th Anniversary of Beau Monde Organics, and together with Joy's 'Joyflower' shop on Etsy, they decided to celebrate their unique partnership, one that signifies the beauty, strength, and resilience of all the amazing women all over the world.

We would like to introduce you to The Synergy Collection, with Beau Monde Organics section of an Exclusive selection of beautiful organic cotton scarves in Joy’s Hand-Painted Silk scarves Shop on! You can get your unique organic art printed scarves now from the 'Joyflower' Etsy shop.

Visit any of the links below to explore the stunning selection of beautiful hand-painted 100% silk and a curated, Limited Edition of organic cotton art printed scarves.
We both share the belief that scarves are wearable art. And that rt is the language of the soul, and wearing beautiful hand-made scarves brings a special happiness into your life and lets you to embrace your beauty.

Explore the selections and find the one that speaks to your soul, and fits your style!

VISIT Beau Monde Organics to explore the Initial selections.

(look for more to come, soon!)